Our next project is a double CD (or vinyl, if there is someone to produce it) which will consist of one harder and one softer part. (We will almost entirely abandon our old AMIGA technique and concentrate on virtual analog synthesizers and sequencers.) That is PDs idea of a thematic collection, whereas Dave prefers the concept of mixture (album). It will take a while to produce and master this venture and there is no specific deadline, yet. But we estimate that we'll be ready as early as 2004 or later. Check this domain now and then to see whether we are faster than we think!

You might even (fantastically spoken) accelerate our creativity with some cash for us to live on! That way we would then think of our selves as musicians (which we nowadays cannot afford). However, there is almost no possibility to hit the big dough with us, as we do not perform live.

We are currently trying to become known at a site that allows official selectors of record labels to listen to our music-streams (www.music-licence.com). If that method succeeds, we will soon be able to feature a better homepage and perhaps release our music on vinyl or CD. Meanwhile you can find 3 of our songs at the vitaminic portal, which allows us to upload our sings there for half a year.


Since Propellerheads released REASON (the all-in-one desktop production studio) we have made some attempts with that as well. When we first got hold of a trial version of REBIRTH some years ago, we spent hours with this thing. Now we can also rewire it into REASON and create songs solely with our computers. Try and surf to the following location where you can locate the song "DroneLento" (and perhaps some other tunes we might have created meanwhile) in the breaks section: www.reasonstation.net


There might be a compilation with one of our songs coming up in December 2001, so check out the artists for artists label KOOK.