SERUM was an acoustic (research) project by Dave Lojek (former humanities student at the Humboldt-University Berlin) and Patrick Düren (printer).

We composed different sorts of (minimalistic to complex) breakbeat, house, acid, ambient / trance and hardcore music (mostly a mixture of all) with purely electronic equipment from 1994 to 1998.

We basically used the Commodore AMIGA 500 and the program Protracker for sample based 8-bit music (125 bpm). That's why our first CD was designed to preserve this sound (the AMIGA era), although that might not be thought "up to date". We allowed ourselves this little anachronism. So we rather thoght of ourselves as underground-home-experimentators. The music was suitable to chill or just to enjoy the structure, not so much for dancing!

Dave wrote German poetry and was published in anthologies. Now he makes films.

Our music, however, remains strictly non-vocal.

Patrick draws comic-like pictures (some of which can be found on our domain and CD cover).


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